When you wish you could make everything better!

When I agreed that my eldest could have a rabbit, not for one minute did I imagine how attached to him we, well me would become, I’m more a dog as a pet kind of girl.  I agreed to us having this rabbit under the pretence that Maisy would feed it, clean it and generally look after him and most of this she does, though I have found myself cleaning him out most weeks with the help of Mais, I say help but it’s more  of her being the foreman giving out orders on how, what to do and if I’m doing it correctly whilst she dances around the patio with the brush.

Initially I found this gorgeous small and cute bunny on the internet from a breeder Wayback Warren, http://www.waybackwarren.co.uk/

They breed French and mini lops, the photo I first saw of our rabbit was deceiving because when we went to see him he was huge, I am so naive I thought the tiny rabbit in the photo was staying that size, I remember doing a double take at the one she presented to us, I said to her that’s not the one in the photo surely, yes she said it’s just grown, and hasn’t finished growing yet, I was actually scared this animal resembled a small puppy, Kev was the only one who would handle it, the rest of us were scared!!!

So we took what we thought was a female home, Maisy was besotted with it, she loved it, cared for it, dressed HER in the pretty build a bear dresses, pushed HER around in a pink pushchair and Flo as the rabbit was then called loved it, sitting like a queen as she rode around…..

All until one day My Mum and Maisy came across something unusual,

It goes like this via text message:-

Mum: Kirsty are you sure Flo is a girl?

Me: Yes of course, that’s what they told me, why would you think otherwise?

Mum: Well Maisy has just held the rabbit up to me, she said she thought Flo was unwell because she has found a lump or two.

Me: Oh god is she ill then Mum? Does she need to see the vet?

Mum: Kirsty the rabbit has balls, not lumps Flo is a boy not a girl and Maisy is not happy at all.

Maisy not happy at all was an understatement, she was devastated, totally inconsolable, and almost disgusted, when trying to reason with her that it was still her rabbit, her best friend who loved her, she replied with : 

Mummy you have no idea what it feels like, no idea at all, my rabbit has been dressing up as a woman for the past 6 months, I have been loving my baby girl, how would you like it Mummy if you gave birth to me as a girl, then suddenly I changed to a boy? You wouldn’t like it one bit.!!!

I saw her point ..

It took some adjusting for her to get used to us calling Flo, Archie instead, if we dare mix up the names, we would get the death stare from Maisy, Archie soon adjusted to rocking his manliness, with his new male wardrobe and yellow instead of pink lead for when he cruised around the pavements of where we live.

Archie has also had the closest near death experience I think you could possibly get:- by deciding to venture to next doors garden and nearly become their terriers new toy, how on earth he didn’t get eaten that day I will never know, Maisy noticed he had gone from the garden, she was venturing on hysterical, my baby has gone my baby has gone she cried, I thought I know where that little bugger is I hopped on the garden chair to peer over the fence  to see him in a stand off with the dog, literally the dog would chase him, Archie would chase the dog, by now Kev is running like Mo Farah to get to the neighbours to rescue him, I’m still balanced on the chair hanging off of the fence praying that I don’t have to witness the carnage that could occur, gently shouting his name like it’s actually helping, Maisy is now at the point of no return screaming, he’s dead, he’s dead, how will I cope without him, Kev the superhero is swiftly in the garden, the dog does not want to give his new found friend up, Archie literally jumps into Kevs arms, gives the dog the V sign and comes home.

Definately shaken from this little adventure, one I hasten to add he hasn’t repeated, he was out of sorts for a good week, with a few war wounds on his long ears but generally unscathed, he survived and went back to being my daughters confidant, and partner in crime.

Now I’m sure your wondering why is she prattling on about that Rabbit?, well last night he was taken unwell, so my day started with a trip to the vets, I knew he was poorly as he hasn’t really moved, he and I have this huge battle getting him into the carrier, and today he just went into it, the vet did some assessments on him, and came to the conclusion that he is very ill, this made me sob like a baby, this rabbit who I was so sure I wouldn’t really like intially, this rabbit who would try and eat my new trainers as I walked around and would literally hang of my feet, but do you know I think most of my tears are for Maisy not me, her world at the moment is tough, she is so sensitive, kind and loving, she needs no more crap in her life, she struggles with me being ill, school life, and the perils of being a nearly teenager, taking away her best friend will I know destroy her, so as I begged the vet to do what she could I knew I was doing it for my m

girl, to please please not add any more sadness to her little life, for her to at least have the happiness she deserves with her rabbit, no it’s not insured but can you actually put a price on happiness? 

As I always rave about my amazing friends and family that support me, I know that in Maisy’s world Archie and I are her best friends, so please can you all have your fingers crossed for her that he pulls through this, he is spending the day at the vets, we will see what 5.30pm brings!

I have learnt that no matter what size or what your pet is, they are part of your family, the provide love, happiness and friendship – all that we need x
Lots of love ASIBTAF 🐰